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Celebrating a Year at Chipman Inn: Moments of Growth and Gratitude

by Elizabeth on June 10, 2024

As the one-year anniversary of our arrival at Chipman Inn swiftly approaches, I'm taking this serene moment to reflect. Amidst starting a new position at the Addison Independent and gearing up for our peak season at the inn, time seems to be speeding up. We are excited to welcome long trail hikers and visitors seeking a Vermont escape from the summer heat—from bustling cities to our southern friends craving a cooler climate. This perfect moment underscores the charm and appeal of staying in Ripton, a prime destination for those wanting to experience the natural beauty and community spirit of Vermont. We’re particularly excited to reconnect with friends from Texas this July!

Running Chipman Inn has been a profound joy, primarily because of the unique individuals we meet. Each guest, from intrepid nonagenarians to curious infants, adds a distinct story to our inn’s rich tapestry. We proudly offer six intimate rooms, each with its own name rather than a mere number, emphasizing the personalized and home-like environment we cherish. This attention to detail ensures that even when fully booked, the atmosphere remains personal and welcoming. This scale allows us to truly get to know our guests, ensuring they never feel like just another number. Families, college sports teams, and long trail hikers particularly appreciate this aspect, as it enhances their experience in the picturesque town of Ripton, Vermont. Whether it's the cozy setting for families, the buzz of college athletes in town for events at Middlebury College, or the respite we provide to hikers from the nearby trails, our guests enjoy a stay that feels distinctly tailored and far from overwhelming.

To all our past guests, you are part of our inn’s family and your stories are often recounted with fondness. To future visitors, whether you're seeking a peaceful retreat from the heat, an adventurous trail experience, or a quiet corner to rejuvenate, Chipman Inn is here to welcome you. Here’s to more stories, more laughter, and more unforgettable memories at our quaint Vermont inn.

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No For Sale Signs at Chipman Inn!

by Elizabeth on May 17, 2024

As we enjoy the vibrant spring colors in Ripton, whispers about the future of the Chipman Inn have been circulating. We'd like to clear the air with a touch of humor and our usual cheer.

So, is the Chipman Inn for sale? Well, no? I don't know? Are you offering to buy it?

Here's the story: Last summer, three weeks into my new role as the owner, fueled by little sleep and lots of tears and coffee, I impulsively posted the inn for sale on a free website that lists B&Bs. This came during a challenging time as we uncovered several issues after the sale that were not disclosed to us beforehand. Those initial months were tough, with unforeseen challenges. Posting it felt oddly satisfying. Is it logical? Not really. Does updating the listing when frustrated with daily inn life help? Why yes, it does. Again, not logical, but therapeutic at least.

Interestingly, this old listing went unnoticed for months, until recently, when I received a flurry of calls and emails in a single day from concerned neighbors. I suppose someone saw the listing and sparked a chain reaction!

Deeply Rooted in Community: We are deeply rooted in this community and cherish every moment we've integrated into its vibrant tapestry. Chipman Inn isn't just our business; it's a home filled with laughter, stories, and the occasional ghost tale, adding charm to our historic dwelling.

Progress in a Short Time: We're thrilled with the enhancements made in such a short time. Our bookings are up, and the kitchen transformation has been miraculous. We found some great men for the job and I pinch myself at our luck! We're also collaborating with local chefs for pop-up dinners starting next fall and planning a haunted house this Halloween.

Rethinking Our Space: Maybe the rumor started instead because we have been looking at possibly buying a house in Ripton separate from the inn. As much as we love the inn and its success, balancing our family life within its walls is challenging. Living where you work, something I call "Homing From Work," has our lively kids craving their own space. We're considering finding a separate residence in town to continue operating the inn while giving our family more room to let loose.

Open to Opportunities: We're not against selling the inn to someone who could fully utilize its potential, especially someone eager to maximize the use of all 11 guest rooms. This would benefit our town and visitors greatly. However, we remain hopeful to find a local residence that lets us maintain inn ownership without living in it... but we are open to any opportunity... so really, if you have a million dollars in petty cash and a heart for Ripton and inn-keeping, give me a holler.

What’s Next for Chipman Inn? For now, we're committed to staying and continuing to enrich your experiences with us. Yet, we're always open to possibilities—if someone with a passion for the inn comes along, we might just entertain the idea of passing the torch if it makes sense for all involved, but for now it does seem to make the most sense for us to stay put.

Continuing the Legacy: Rest assured, Chipman Inn remains dedicated to providing guests with unforgettable experiences. We have no immediate plans to go anywhere. In fact one of my children has even expressed she hopes to take it on when she is an adult! But if the time comes for me to pass the torch, I am committed to full transparency, even if it complicates the search for a buyer. This house is special and deserves careful stewardship, as do those who care for it. Unlike my experience with purchasing the inn, I believe in honesty and integrity, ensuring that future owners and guests will always receive the truth.

Thank You: We appreciate the support and curiosity from our community. We're lucky to have this inn; it's given us purpose here and allowed us to meet some phenomenal people through our guests and through our community. If you have any questions or want to share a laugh about our real estate adventures, don’t hesitate to contact us. Here's to more beautiful days at the Chipman Inn!

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An annual Canopy Curtain Call at Ripton Community House and a final call for Ripton Community Coffee House.

by Elizabeth on May 08, 2024

As the seasons change, the view from my favorite spot at Chipman Inn in what used to be an early 19th century kitchen, now our sitting room, offers a captivating glimpse of the Ripton Community House. With each passing month, this historic building, nearly 200 years old, transforms before my eyes. Since November's first snow, the view has remained unobstructed, allowing us to enjoy the glowing lights of the community house in the evenings, hinting at musicians playing, soup nights, and middle school plays.

For the past 29 years, the Ripton Community Coffee House has been a beacon for our community, hosting concerts every third Saturday of the month at the historic Ripton Community House. Their mission has been simple but profound: bring our community together to enjoy great music at an affordable price, nurture musicians with a welcoming place to play, and support local nonprofits through refreshment sales. The concerts have provided a stage for exceptional folk musicians while fostering a sense of unity among attendees.

Entirely run by volunteers, the Ripton Community Coffee House has operated on a pay-what-you-can basis, ensuring accessibility for everyone who wanted to experience live music. The joy of listening to talented musicians perform in this warm and inclusive setting has been unparalleled. But this May 18th will mark the end of an era with the final regularly scheduled concert. There's something symbolic about watching the Ripton Community House slowly fade from view as the leaves bud and the lush Vermont foliage closes like a curtain—a symbolic closing one of its many chapters in its 160-year-old book thus far.

Though I won't be able to see it from my Chesterfield sofa for a few months while the foliage gives it cover, the Ripton Community House will remain vibrant. Next month, a graduation ceremony for the 9th graders from our small middle school up the road will be held there, and we're thrilled to be hosting some of the grandparents of those students here at Chipman Inn. Later in the year, a wedding is scheduled just before the leaves fall again, and we eagerly anticipate the joyous celebration, with the bride getting ready in the Nordic Nook and the rest of the wedding party staying in the other five rooms.

The Ripton Community Coffee House may no longer hold monthly performances, but its legacy will live on in the community events and the memories created within those walls. And from my seat at Chipman Inn, I'll continue to cherish the changing views of this beloved community house—a symbol of Ripton's enduring spirit, resilience, and unity.

On May 18th, the Ripton Community Coffee House will present the talented duo Green Heron for their final show. However, keep an eye out for the occasional can't-miss performance at the community house, as they might bring in an artist now and then. Next year, they'll host one more big show to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their first-ever performance. Keep yourslef posted by following them on facebook @RiptonCommunityCoffeeHouse or their website https://www.rcch.org

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Embracing the Beauty of Mud Season: Vermont in early Spring

by Elizabeth G inspired by Chris G on March 31, 2024

As innkeepers nestled in the sweetest little town in Vermont, we witness the profound transformation of nature through all its seasons. Yet, there's a particular period captivating us this week—a fleeting, often underappreciated time, unaffectionately known as "mud season". But this purgatory between winter and what we usually identify as spring holds a special magic for us at Chipman Inn.

Mud season arrives quietly, as winter's snow retreats to unveil the earth beneath. The melt causes a roar in the river that is louder than we are accustomed to, a stark contrast to winter's icy waters. It's a time when the trees stand bare, still awaiting their foliage, and the ground reveals itself in shades of brown, shining with freshly melted snow. During this transition, we find an unexpected beauty, a moment of peace before the vibrant explosion of spring.

My husband, Chris, a man of profound insight and appreciation for nature's nuances, described today as the most beautiful day. Not for its visual splendor, but for the feeling it evokes. "The air has a perfect humidity. It's a perfect coolness on the skin," he remarked after his run, moved by the simplicity and purity of the experience. The rush of the river provided a soundtrack to his journey, enhancing the tranquility of his run to the Spirit of Nature trail, merely 1.5 miles from our inn.

I share this affection for mud season. The snow no longer impedes our desire to step outside, and a beautiful mist dances through the barren forest behind our home, creating a haunting yet serene ambiance. It's as if winter's ghost lingers, making peace with the imminent arrival of spring's lushness. This quiet, this purgatory between seasons, is profoundly beautiful.

Yet, we wonder, is this beauty unique to our corner of New England? Does the charm of this in-between time resonate with others, or is it a hidden treasure observed by those who've grown to love the constant yet ever-changing view from the same window?

We invite you to experience this season with us at Chipman Inn. Perhaps together, we can explore whether the subtle magic of mud season can capture your heart as it has ours. Whether you're a nature enthusiast or someone seeking a moment of peace, we believe there's something special about this time of year that everyone should experience.

So, come, be our guest. Let the understated beauty of mud season inspire you, and perhaps, like us, you'll find a deep appreciation for the extraordinary moments hidden in the ordinary.

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The Hearth of History: Culinary Traditions and Innovations at the Chipman Inn

by Elizabeth on February 25, 2024

Nestled in the tranquil heart of Ripton, Vermont, Chipman Inn stands as a beacon of historical charm and architectural ingenuity. Beyond its welcoming facade lies a rich tapestry of stories, woven into the very fabric of its structure, harking back to when it was known simply as Chipman House. Central to this narrative is the house's remarkable fireplace and beehive oven, alongside the innovative Rumford fireplace, each a testament to centuries of culinary evolution and domestic warmth.

A Gateway to the Past: The Chipman Inn's Fireplace and Beehive Oven

Chipman's fireplace, accompanied by its iconic beehive oven, serves not merely as sources of warmth and the perfect place to roast marshmallows with the family after a day out skiing, but as vibrant pieces of living history. These structures offer a direct link to the early post-Revolutionary War American homestead life, showcasing centuries of architectural and culinary traditions. The beehive oven, with its semi-spherical shape and meticulous design, reflects a lineage of masonry ovens that dates back to ancient civilizations, including the Roman Empire. Its construction demonstrates a blend of art and science, embodying the essence of "black ovens" where fire and food share a single space. This oven not only speaks to the ingenuity of past generations but also to their daily lives, where such ovens were central to the household for bread baking and meal preparation.

Revolutionary Warmth: The Rumford Fireplace's Role in Culinary Innovation

Adding to the home's historical allure is the Rumford fireplace, a revolutionary design that transformed cooking practices in the 18th century. Introduced by Count von Rumford, its efficient heat management and adjustable draughts represented a significant leap forward from the open hearths of old. This fireplace was not just a source of heat but a hub of culinary innovation, allowing cooks to prepare dishes with unprecedented precision. The kitchen, once a battleground against the unpredictability of fire, became a place of refined culinary artistry, where saucepans of varying sizes simmered over controlled flames, contributing to the rich flavors and elaborate meals of the era.

Thomas Jefferson, ever the innovator and connoisseur of fine design, was so impressed with Rumford's fireplace that he incorporated them into his own home. This nod from one of our Founding Fathers underscores the significance of the Rumford fireplace not only in culinary history but also in American architectural heritage.

A Modern Twist on Tradition

While the Rumford fireplace and its beehive oven counterpart stand as proud testaments to our culinary heritage, I must confess, their roles in meal preparation have evolved. The 1828 kitchen, once the heart of culinary activities, has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past couple centuries. Today, it serves as our inviting living room and bar area, where guests can unwind and sip their hot chocolate, enveloped by the warmth of history that permeates every corner.

In the 1930s, Chipman House embraced the modern era with the addition of a small contemporary kitchen, followed by a commercial setup in the 1970s, equipped to cater to the appetites of guests and marking the beginning of its operation as a small inn. This year, we are subtly weaving in modern enhancements that not only respect but also protect the integrity and safety of our beloved historic home. These updates ensure that the culinary offerings are not just delightful but also prepared in an environment that meets the highest standards of safety.

Yet, despite these advancements, I often find myself with a cup of coffee ensconced in a chair nearby, gazing into the flames of the old fireplace. In these moments, wrapped in the warmth of flickering light, I am transported to a time when this very room buzzed with the energy of a bustling kitchen. I envision the meticulous preparation of meals, the careful tending of the fire, and the communal joy found in gathering to share simple, yet hearty fare. Though the fireplace no longer serves its original culinary purpose, its embers occasionally give life to a s'more, offering a playful link to our gastronomic heritage.

This transformation from a kitchen to our living room and bar area has not dimmed the spirit of the space. Instead, it has become a place for our guests to create new memories, whether through a shared laugh over a drink or a quiet moment by the fire. In blending the rich tapestry of our history with the conveniences of modern hospitality, we invite everyone to partake in the legacy of Chipman Inn—a legacy that honors our past while embracing the warmth of the present.

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Stepping into a Brighter Future: Renewal and Integrity at Chipman Inn

by Elizabeth on January 27, 2024

As we embrace the vibrant beginnings of 2024 at Chipman Inn, our journey is one of transformation, not just in aesthetics but in spirit and substance. This year, we're celebrating the unseen yet significant strides we've taken to ensure our inn isn't just a place to stay, but a haven of safety and authenticity.

A testament to this commitment is our recent work on the inn's very foundation. In one of our yet-to-be-opened rooms, our diligent contractor unearthed a hidden challenge – floor joists in dire need of replacement. It was a discovery that left us in awe of the inn's resilience and underscored the necessity of our mission. While these improvements might not be immediately visible to our guests, they are crucial in providing a secure and stable environment.

This endeavor goes beyond mere renovations; it's a reflection of our philosophy. Where the previous stewardship may have overlooked certain necessities, we stand firm in our belief that the heart of hospitality lies in trust and reliability. We're not just patching up the old; we're laying down a strong, honest foundation for the future.

Our resolve is mirrored in our upcoming St. Patrick's Day Art Auction. This event is more than a showcase of beautiful artworks, ranging from Edward Soderberg’s sketches to Bennington potters pottery. It's a celebration of our commitment to not only preserve but to enhance the essence of Chipman Inn. The auction's proceeds will contribute to essential restorations within the inn, notably within our beloved attic—a true historic gem that I often delight in showing to guests who love to look at the finer details of our historic house. Unfortunately, due to deferred maintenance, parts of this charming space are now facing the challenges of dry rot, affecting the beautiful woodwork manufactured with water-powered mills of the early 1800s.

Additionally, for works sold at the auction by local artists like Svitlana Osetska, the proceeds will go directly to them, celebrating and supporting our community's creative talents.

As you join us in this chapter of renewal, we want you to know that every step you take within these walls is on a foundation strengthened by care and dedication. Our promise to you is not just a well-maintained hospitable inn, but an experience grounded in honesty and a commitment to excellence.

As you join us in this chapter of renewal, it's important to understand the weight of our undertaking. Every repair and improvement, while not always visible, is essential in preserving the house's 196-year-old legacy. Our commitment goes beyond aesthetics; it's about ensuring this historic gem can continue to stand proudly through the 21st century and beyond. We're not just patching up the old; we're safeguarding a future where the Chipman Inn remains a beacon of warmth and history. Our promise to you is a well-maintained haven, where every stay is grounded in trust and a commitment to excellence.

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Winter Wonders in Ripton: Ski Season, Historical Connections, and a Unique Skiing Tradition

by Elizabeth on December 03, 2023

As the first snowflakes of the season begin to grace the picturesque landscape of Ripton, Vermont, a sense of excitement fills the air at Chipman Inn. Winter in Ripton is not just about the serene beauty of snow-covered trees and the crisp, cool air; it’s a time when the community comes alive with the anticipation of ski enthusiasts from near and far.

The Thrill of Skiing in Ripton

With the Middlebury Snow Bowl and Rikert Outdoor Center in our backyard, Ripton becomes a haven for skiers and snowboarders. These local gems offer trails and slopes that cater to all levels, from beginners looking for gentle runs to seasoned experts seeking challenging terrains.

A Connection to the Past

As we prepare for the influx of winter sports aficionados, I recently had the privilege of speaking with the granddaughter of the family who once owned the Chipman House, now the beloved Chipman Inn. This conversation was not only a delightful journey into the past but also a reminder of the rich history that surrounds us.

A Unique Piece of Ski History

One fascinating story that emerged was about Lin Meacham, a Middlebury College graduate of 1950 and the son of the former owners of the Chipman House. Lin was not just an alumnus but also a pioneer of a unique winter sport – aero-skijoring.

In February 1948, Middlebury College witnessed the birth of this novel sport, where Lin Meacham, a pilot with the Flying Panthers, performed an extraordinary feat. He looped a 100-foot rope around the tailskid of his Aeronca plane, maintaining a low-flying speed of 70 mph, and pulled members of the ski team across the frozen surface of Lake Champlain. This exhilarating activity, dubbed “aero-skijoring,” was a hit among students and faculty alike.

Sharing a Piece of History

I am thrilled to share with you a video of this remarkable event, capturing a moment in time when innovation, adventure, and the spirit of Middlebury College coalesced into a memorable winter sport.

Welcoming the Ski Season

As we look forward to welcoming skiers and snow enthusiasts to Chipman Inn, we are reminded of the unique history and adventurous spirit that Ripton embodies. Whether you are here to carve your path on the slopes or to soak in the rich heritage of our community, we are here to make your winter stay warm, comfortable, and memorable.

Join us at Chipman Inn this winter, where the charm of Vermont’s winter and the warmth of our hospitality create the perfect getaway.

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Discovering Hidden Charms Amidst Local Shadows

by Elizabeth on October 11, 2023

Autumn in Vermont is a magnificent spectacle, with its vivid colors and crisp air. Yet, as the leaves gently fall to the ground, revealing the hidden gems here, I've come to appreciate the quieter, lesser-known aspects of our beloved community. As the caretakers of Chipman Inn, my family and I have had the privilege of experiencing our first quarter here, and it's been an enlightening journey.

We've had the pleasure of hosting a diverse range of leaf-peeping guests at our inn. Among them, we welcomed a delightful woman in her 90s who traveled with her son, creating heartwarming memories together. A couple sought a peaceful escape, taking a break while their child enjoyed a night with grandma, relishing a moment of tranquility. We were honored to host two extraordinary submarine captains on leave, both of them incredible women, adding a touch of adventure to our inn. Our inn also became a gathering place for friends, with three pals since high school in the early stages of their careers reuniting for a memorable getaway. Another group of three friends since their school days, now retired, found solace and companionship as they embarked on their own relaxing retreat. Love was in the air as a recently engaged couple celebrated the start of a new chapter in their lives. Last but not least, we welcomed a couple who has been coming to Vermont every year since their honeymoon in the 1950s, sharing their enduring love story with us. Each guest so beautiful with their stories I get to enjoy over a cup of coffee together.

The trees, stripped of their foliage, unveil a different kind of beauty. Their bare branches create captivating silhouettes against the sky, almost like nature's artwork on display.

The brisk, refreshing air in the mornings is invigorating. Taking a peaceful walk along our local trails offers a deep connection with nature. It's a time for reflection and a momentary escape from the challenges, heartache, and pain we feel while learning of the latest tragedies of wars this week.

After the vibrant autumn colors fade, a tranquil hush descends upon our community. It's a peaceful quiet that encourages introspection and the opportunity to appreciate life's simple pleasures.

Amidst this serenity, we are reminded of the local context, and how important it is to find solace in moments of beauty, even if they are temporary respites from the challenges that our neighbors in other parts of the world may be facing.

Moments like these capture the essence of ever-changing seasons, both in nature and in life. As leaves descend, fresh perspectives surface, highlighting the old church building nearby – a concealed treasure these past few months now in full view from our dining hall window. Such sights serve as poignant reminders: even amidst obscurity, time will reveal more for us to learn.

In a world torn by the heartbreak of war, where places like Ukraine and Israel bear witness to profound pain, there's a deep-seated yearning. A yearning for a future where sorrow gives way to harmony, where the symphony of unity overpowers the cries of discord. Amidst the desperate sadness, may hope light our path forward.

In times like these, hidden charms are a reminder that we can find beauty and solace amidst our local surroundings, and that even in the face of global challenges, there's hope for a brighter future. Let us treasure these moments, finding comfort and cherishing the simple joys that our community has to offer, while being mindful of the broader global context.

*Photo Description: On a window sill, there's a pumpkin painted with the vibrant image of a sunflower. This design evokes memories of Ukraine and brings to mind the film "Everything Is Illuminated." This artwork is credited to Svitlana, a talented member of our inn's staff from Dnipro, Ukraine. Beyond the window, trees can be visualized with a few remaining yellow leaves, while most have already fallen, rendering the trees almost bare. Further in the distance stands the community hall, a historical building that once served as a church meeting house and was, until this week, covered from view by the summer foliage.

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Balancing Charm and Survival in the Modern World

by Elizabeth on September 22, 2023

Picture this: a guest, determined to reach our inn late in the evening, stormed in one evening, her frustration palpable. She had been calling for directions, and she was furious that her cell phone didn't work on our rural roads to supply her with a map on the way. She could just barely get a cell phone signal to call, but there was a hitch - our phone line rang and rang on her end but it never rang here at the inn. With a tone that could rival thunder, she vented her frustration in a tirade that would have made Shakespeare proud. To our amazement, she left without even checking in, saying the lack of phone line made her feel "unsafe," leaving us with wide eyes and dropped jaws.

To this day, we laugh heartily about her visit, occasionally quoting her colorful expressions of anger. The phone somehow magically started working again that evening and sometimes, we can't help but feel a bit grateful that the phone didn't work that night, sparing us from having to serve her breakfast too! Maybe the ghost of Daniel Chipman unplugged it for us seeing her come from miles away.

This week, the old landline once again refused to cooperate. No dial tone, but folks can call us; it's just that what we hear on the other end resembles Charlie Brown's teacher. If you've made an attempt to reach us, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Pretty much the final straw this week, we've decided to bid adieu to the landline and reached out to Verizon for cellphones that we can connect via Wi-Fi to our fiber internet, complete with a backup from Starlink internet. Not to mention the backup batteries on our modem to handle those flickers or brief power outages or the few few seconds between electricity going out and generator popping on- yes we've have many of our bases covered here so people have their electricity, wifi, and virtual work here!

By next week, we'll bid farewell to those antiquated landlines, ensuring we're well-prepared for the future while preserving the charming ambiance of our beloved inn. Perhaps it'll even bring us a step closer to the original 1828 home, free from those pesky phone wires cluttering the place.

One of the reasons guests adore Chipman Inn is the sense of stepping back in time, where life is unhurried, and the need to keep up with the latest technology is blissfully absent. The charm of this area lies in its slow pace, and we treasure that.

However, it's also true that this very lack of rapid change could pose a challenge for the long-term survival of inns like ours. The world evolves, and we must evolve with it. It's a delicate balancing act – preserving what makes us special while embracing the modern necessities that keep us thriving.

Chipman Inn is about offering a unique, timeless experience to our guests. Embracing change, without sacrificing our essence, is the path forward. It's a journey that requires care and consideration, but it's a journey worth taking.

Thank you for being a part of our story as we navigate the delicate balance between preserving the past and preparing for the future.

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Tomorrow they may wrap fishes in it...

by Elizabeth on September 02, 2023

"I absolutely adore the scene in the musical 'Newsies' where the cast belts out 'King of New York'. Whenever I glimpse 'my face in the papes', I can't help but burst into song, particularly the line, 'Tomorrow they may wrap fishes in it, but I was a star for one whole minute!' It's got me wondering though – do dock workers even use newspapers to wrap fish these days?

On a related note, here's an interesting piece from the Addison Independent: Family Can't Find Home, Buys Ripton's Inn

The title made us all cringe a bit... To me, 'home' and 'house' are entirely different concepts. We've always had a home, but indeed, finding a house in Addison County proved to be quite a challenge. :)

Hope you enjoy the read.

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The fantastic fictional life of an innkeeper

by Elizabeth on August 26, 2023

It’s often said that art imitates life, but sometimes, life imitates art. While many find their calling through experiences or deep introspection, others, like myself, stumble upon it through pop culture. It wasn't the literary works that guests often bring to the Bread Loaf Writers Conference, but rather the television reruns on Nick at Nite and ABC Family that subconsciously nudged me towards the world of innkeeping.

Gilmore Girls’ Lorelai Gilmore showed that managing personal responsibilities while running an inn is challenging, yet possible. Although she is a fictional character, her journey echoes the realities faced by many innkeepers, including the moments of triumph. Similarly, at our inn, multitasking is the order of the day, and every small achievement is a cause for celebration.

Newhart, a classic sitcom, featured Dick Loudon and his wife running a historic inn in Vermont, surrounded by quirky characters and humorous situations. It showcased the lighter side of innkeeping, reminding us to find humor in everyday situations. Likewise, our inn has its share of humorous moments and delightful guests that make each day memorable.

In Petticoat Junction, the Shady Rest Hotel is managed by Kate Bradley, her daughters, and Uncle Joe. It highlights the importance of family and teamwork in managing an inn. Similarly, our inn thrives on teamwork, and every guest is treated like a part of our extended family.

Forrest Gump, though not a TV show, features a scene where Forrest's mother turns their home into a guest house, underlining the unexpected encounters that can occur in such a setting. Our inn, too, has been a meeting point for many fascinating individuals, leading to unforgettable moments.

Ghosts, a series about a couple who inherit a haunted house, is a lighthearted reminder of the surprises that come with old buildings. Our inn, with its rich history, has its share of quirks, but that's what makes it unique and endearing.

Schitt's Creek is another favorite, showcasing the transformation of the Rose family and their journey in running the Rosebud Motel. Their story is a testament to resilience, adaptability, and the importance of community - values that are deeply ingrained in the ethos of our inn.

The Muppet Movie features the iconic Happiness Hotel, a place that, despite its many shortcomings, provides warmth and humor to its guests. A memorable line from the movie is when a guest asks how to "sneak out" of the hotel, and the response is "very popular choice" – a line that perfectly captures the humor and charm of the Muppets and reflects the lighthearted approach we aim to have at our inn.

Lastly, The Durrells in Corfu holds a special place in my heart. Despite the challenges faced by Louisa Durrell, including a house with chipped paint, no running water, or electricity, she made it work. It's a reminder that, despite the minor inconveniences like a crack in the wall or spotty cell service, our inn provides a warm, welcoming, and memorable experience for all our guests.

These stories serve as a reminder that, while the journey of an innkeeper comes with its share of challenges, it is also filled with moments of joy, laughter, and unforgettable encounters. As the journey at our inn unfolds, it is the hope that it will create as many cherished memories for our guests as these shows have over the years. 🏡✨

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56 Days at the Inn: Embracing the Unpredictable Beauty of Vermont

by Elizabeth on August 18, 2023

It's been exactly 56 days since my family and I embarked on an adventure of a lifetime, taking ownership of our very own inn in picturesque Ripton, Vermont. To say our journey has been an adventure would be an understatement. Here's a little glimpse into our whirlwind introduction to inn-keeping and life in Vermont.

Day 1: Just 4 hours after signing the papers to make the inn our own, we welcomed our first guests. They were the coolest guests too. A man riding in the Vermont Gran Fondo, a crazy challenging race, along with his wife and mother who cheered him along. The race went right by the inn while the rain started to fall...

The Great Flood: The following weekend, Vermont experienced a major flood. The landscapes that we had just begun to admire and acquaint ourselves with were completely transformed. Our heart goes out to a neighbor up the road whose house met with a devastating mudslide. We witnessed roads washing out, and like many in the community, our basement wasn’t spared from the floodwaters. Around midnight that evening a neighbor who backs up to the Middlebury River knocked on the door asking for a room for the night as the river started to come to their doorway, I settled them into our last available room and 15 minutes later a young father knocked on the door telling us the road ahead was closed and by the time they turned around the road less than a quarter mile up had washed out too. I was so sorry for them I told them we were totally booked, but we still had a sofa... he, his wife, 2 year old and 6 month old slept on the floor by the fireplace that night. That led us into our most active breakfast that hasn't seen the like since.

The resilience and spirit of Vermonters truly shone during this time, and the community continues to rally together in support of one another.

Unexpected Visits: In the midst of everything, my youngest decided to give us a scare. A simple act of slamming his toe in a car door led us to the lovely hospital in Middlebury. It wasn’t the kind of local tour we had in mind, but every cloud has a silver lining. The staff was wonderful, and it gave us another perspective into the warmth and care of our new community.

Repairs Upon Repairs: As you can imagine, an old inn comes with its share of quirks and much-needed repairs. We're quickly learning that in Vermont, patience is more than a virtue; it's a way of life. Whether it's waiting for a technician or sourcing the perfect part, "nothing happens fast in Vermont" has become our new mantra... and while sometimes we feel that frustration and Austin-accustomation of just wanting what we want when we want it... it has been a great change of pace for us and we appreciate that others have extended the same patience with us as well.

School Bells Are Ringing: The kids are gearing up to start school in a mere 11 days. The anticipation is palpable. New classes, new faces, and a whole lot of new experiences await them. They’re more than ready to meet new friends and delve into this new chapter.

Community Bonds: Amidst the chaos, I've been fortunate to meet what feels like half the town, and it's been heartwarming. (Note there are less than 800 people in this town so saying I've met half the town is not much of an exaggeration!) If you're ever in Vermont and want to get the true local experience, make a pit stop at the country store or the recycling center. These places, seemingly ordinary, are the heartbeat of the community, and the social hubs where stories, laughter, and advice are freely exchanged.

To sum it up, the past 56 days have been a mix of challenges, discoveries, and invaluable experiences. Through the ups and downs, the floods and repairs, one thing remains constant: our love for this beautiful state and its incredible people. Here's to many more days, stories, and adventures in Vermont!

Until next time, Elizabeth G